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Guangdong future technology co., LTD., founded in 2015, is a national high-tech enterprise, to master the latest generation of stereo display technology, artificial intelligence has more than 60 industry-leading independent core technology and intellectual property rights, the future of science and technology based on promoting the development of human show business, is a leading global stereo display technology of artificial intelligence a full set of solutions provider. Human life is a true three-dimensional space, the human eye to see is the perception of depth information, 3 d stereo display to reflect the depth information, reducing the human eye see actual scene, independent research and development of science and technology in the future the fifth generation of fermat grating technology, combined with artificial intelligence, bring a new three-dimensional visual experience, will display terminal by plane to the three-dimensional era! After more than four years continuous development, successfully developed the industry's leading artificial intelligence stereo display technology, 3 d photo camera, 3 d scanning, innovative technologies such as spatial location identification, a three-dimensional imaging, formed from the stereo display to the full set of the industrialization of 3 d data collection solutions, have extremely strong innovative and leading technology.

Company Culture

'Sincere, simple and kind' is the corporate culture of the company. The company does not have complicated interpersonal relationships.Employees are like family and friends together!'Can withstand loneliness, can withstand temptation', over the years of persistent pursuit of technology and craftsman spirit to promote continuous innovation,Promote the development of human display cause!

Core Team
JianXin Li
Senior media professional in Canada, with more than 20 years of media and marketing experience, he has served successively as the production supervisor of "sihai Chinese radio Canada" (currently "Chinese radio Canada") >, and the former CEO of "jia hua newspaper" in aicheng, Canada
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The company has been recruiting outstanding and competent algorithm engineers, image algorithm engineers, android application engineers, application development engineers, embedded development engineers (FPGA)FPGA, etc.

Please email hr@futrtch.com with the name of the job you are applying for. You'll never know how reliable we are until you get in here.

1. The company has quarterly bonus and year-end bonus;
2. When the employee's birthday comes, the company will have a dinner together, buy a cake to celebrate the birthday, and issue a 200 yuan gift card;
3. The company buys snacks and fruits according to the actual situation;
4. The company often organizes internal dinners;
5. flexible work, late to be able to work overtime to make up;
6. Pay five social insurance and one housing fund upon entry;
7. interview process: technology + boss, done!

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Guangdong future technology co., LTD. (headquarters)

Address: shenzhen software industry base, Haitian 2nd road, yuehai street, nanshan district, shenzhen city, guangdong province Room 306-311, 3rd floor, block D podium, building 4
Zip code:518000

Business cooperation
Contact person:Mr. Wang
Email address:jeremy@futrtch.com
Mobile:+86 19849787417

Future technology (xiangyang) co. LTD
Address:5th floor, building A4, hongxing international office building, fan wei road, high-tech zone, xiangyang city, hubei province
Zip code:441000
Business cooperation
Contact person: Mr. Sun